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Technology play in nutraceuticals: Idea to commercialisation

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Amit Srivastava, Chief Catalyst, Nutrify Today, gave a presentation on the topic “Technology Play in Nutraceuticals: Idea to Commercialisation in NPD.” During his address, he informed that by 2030, India is expected to be a $100 billion nutraceutical industry, and pharma industry in India is aggressively taking on nutraceuticals.

Talking about precision formulation, he said that it requires fingerprinted raw materials, precision fermentation and precision ANI isolation, nanomisation of ayurvedic ingredients, dynamic method validation, advanced formulations using liposomal technology and rapid mouth-dissolving strips to emergence of formulation AI. He then mentioned about precision deliveries that can be performed using precision dispensing devices, AI-enabled personalised nutrition and personalised nutrition 3D printers.

After that, he spoke about all that is happening in traditional business channels, including quick launches, method validation, varied ANIs, CMO audits, etc. He also informed that R&D and F&D people struggle with new product development with nutraceuticals, and suggested some viable solutions for the same. Connecting peers to exchange ideas around complexities, mapping over 2,600 medicinal plants and ingredients to health outcome, dosage and regulatory mapping, and validating IP and non-IP data are some of the solutions that could help in dealing with this challenge.

He concluded his session by saying, “Nutraceuticals is here to stay and getting bigger.”

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