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Ethical Nutraceuticals: Need of the hour

India Pharma Inc needs to arm itself with an evidence-based approach, significant investments and meaningful collaborations to promote and propagate ethical nutraceuticals and leverage the tremendous promise and potential they represent

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As the world grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, and now continues to deal with its aftermath, ‘immunity’ has become the new buzzword and the demand for nutraceuticals across the globe has increased manifold. This, in turn, has opened a huge opportunity for the nutraceuticals industry globally and India is uniquely positioned to become one of the most formidable players in this segment, with a projected $100 billion valued market by 2030. (Read: https://

However, even as this industry booms and newer players enter the market, serious concerns are being raised about the research, regulation, development and consumption of these nutraceuticals. So, timely and pertinent measures are of essence to leverage the tremendous growth potential and eliminate bottlenecks that hinder the industry’s progress.

Express Pharma- Nutrify Today Boardroom series In a bid to examine and understand the prerequisites for the next leg of growth in nutraceuticals, Nutrify Today and Express Pharma came together to launch the Express Pharma- Nutrify Today Boardroom series. The aim was to create and build a platform for pharma industry leaders to initiate a dialogue that would assist the pharma industry to leverage growth through ethical nutraceuticals. It is also an endeavour to enable government bodies to shape effective policies that would help the growth of the ethical nutraceuticals industry in India through effective engagement with the pharma industry.

The first edition of the Express Pharma – Nutrify Today Boardroom series, held recently in Mumbai, offered a platform for meaningful dialogues on the vast ocean of opportunities for the Indian pharma sector to be reaped in nutraceuticals, provided the right course is set for long and sustainable growth.

An eminent panel of pharma experts and leaders came together to explore approaches to build an ecosystem for developing scientifically proven, evidence-based nutraceutical products. Dr Meenakshi Singh, Secretary Nutraceuticals Task Force under chairmanship to PSA to Government of India; Rahul Kulshreshtha, Strategic Alliances – Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India; Aditi Kare-Panandikar, MD, Indoco Remedies; Anand Swaroop, President, Cepham Inc; Rajaram Sankaran, Chief Strategy Officer – India, Torrent Pharmaceuticals; Shriram Balasubramanian, Director Marketing and Business Development, Zuventus Healthcare and Amit Srivastava, Chief Catalyst, were the participants in this round table moderated by Viveka Rowchowdhury, Editor, Express Pharma & Express Healthcare.