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Panel Discussion : Next-gen oral dosage forms

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As India Pharma Inc strives to transform into a more value-led and innovation-driven industry and accelerate its next phase of its growth, it has to invest and build capabilities which will enable innovation and differentiation of pharma products across a range of indications. And, as oral solid dosage forms is one of the most widely used dosage forms, enabling progress in R&D and delivery of this dosage form is crucial.

Therefore, the second-panel discussion at FDD Conclave 2022 was on next-gen oral dosage forms. The panellists for this session were Vinod Arora, Principal Advisor, Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India (IGMPI) (Moderator); Dr C Muthulingam, VP-Formulations, Mankind Pharma; Dr N Ravikumar, EVP – FR&D, MSN Laboratories; Dr Umesh Setty, Sr VP-FR&D, Caplin Point Laboratories and Dr Meka Lingam, VP-FR&D, Lee Pharma.

The experts and veterans discussed and deliberated on how formulation and delivery of solid dosage forms are getting shaped due to factors like the need to improve drug bioavailability, innovations in excipients, demand for safer and more efficacious products, evolving regulatory requirements, advances in processing and manufacturing techniques and technologies, etc.

The panel also acknowledged the need to chart and adopt new approaches in this segment to expedite regulatory compliance and examined approaches to formulation and drug delivery of solid dosage forms which will enable faster compliance with upcoming pharma regulations in different markets. They also discussed the impact of processing and manufacturing tech advancements on formulation development and drug delivery.

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