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Panel Discussion on ‘Decoding the dynamics of medical devices supply chain’

Pharma & Med Devices Supply Chain Conclave 2024 | 10th May 2024 | Mumbai

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Panelists in this video:
+ Mr Krishnan V, COO, Raman & Weil (Moderator)
+ Mr Raghuveer Surupa, Founder, Stemtech Medical Devices
+ Mr Sachin Hujare, Sr Director – Operation, Manufacturing Systems, Philips India
+ Mr Bhushan Rao, Associate Director-Supply Chain, Alcon
+ Mr Gaurav Pandit, Sr GM-Supply Chain, Thermofisher Scientific
+ Dr Ashish Negi, VP-Service Logistics, DHL Supply Chain India

Key Highlights:
[+] A multidimensional approach is important to facilitate domestic production of med devices and build local supply chains. This, in turn will reduce dependency on export of medical devices.

[+] Glocalisation of supply chains play a major role in mitigating risks, being cost effective and improving timely access to critical medicines and medical devices.

[+] Skilling, cross skilling and upskilling vital to build effective, responsive and resilient supply chains.

[+] End-to-end traceability and visibility with AI, data science and other emerging technologies will improve supply chain planning.

[+] Making supply chains in medical devices more transparent will help manage evolving demands and serve patients in a better manner.

[+] Quality and timeliness of deliveries of medical devices is an imperative. Partners like DHL Supply Chain India can help bring in better efficiencies and clarity in med devices supply chain.

[+] Efficient, agile, flexible, intelligent, resilient and passionate are the key attributes for highly functional med devices supply chains.

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