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NutrifyGenie set to catalyse Mission $100 billion nutraceutical India by 2030

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AI-powered engine sifts 1.2 million data points from global scientific studies, toxicology checks, and valid mechanisms of action to ensure that each tested new ingredient performs as expected and delivers its health outcome

Nutraceuticals have become a central part of preventive health care, requiring interdisciplinary fields to assess the interactions between new ingredients and different body receptors. Thus, there is an increased demand for AI capabilities coupled with data mining technology that can aggregate information from around the world regarding clinical trials, toxicology metrics, regulatory guidelines etc., in order to create ethical nutraceutical formulations, fit for global standards.

This sets the stage for NutrifyToday’s NutrifyGenie, a ground-breaking AI-powered engine designed to facilitate ethical new product development, allowing serious players in this field to make an impact by providing differentiated options for commercialisation through intelligent supply chain mapping across 11 countries worldwide. The launch of Nutrify Genie thus makes Nutrify Today’s mission to democratise the nutraceutical industry and bring about responsible products globally a reality.

The need for nutrivigilance

Though nutraceuticals are supposed to do good, recent publications at PubMed and BMJ noted that as high as over 30,000 patients are admitted to the emergency ward due to adverse impact of nutraceuticals. It should be noted that there are no long-term studies available on any bioactives and hence usage based on short clinical studies without digging into toxicology could have adverse impacts.

Searching the web for an ingredient to help manage diabetes, PCOS, and weight may yield a lot of answers – but one must look closer at what these ingredients can do. For example, berberine hydrochloride is emerging as a great nutraceutical ingredient for managing diabetes and managing PCOD. While berberine hydrochloride’s Akt/AMP activation mechanism offers potential relief from medical troubles, toxicology studies in zebrafish have linked it with teratogenicity – meaning prolonged usage by pregnant patients could result in serious harm to their babies.

Thus, so far, nutraceuticals lack the oversight of pharmacovigilance, a practice that is commonplace in pharmaceutical studies to ensure safety and efficacy of products before they are launched to retail consumers.

The increasing reports of adverse effects due to nutraceuticals has given rise to a new term, nutrivigilance, which is defined ‘as a quality system used by the marketing responsible company to fulfil the tasks and responsibilities as required by the Competent Authorities and designed to monitor the safety of authorised food supplements and detect any change to their risk-benefit balance.’ This is where NutrifyGenie comes in.

How NutrifyGenie works

NutrifyGenie reportedly combines a deep understanding of global data and expertise in scientific studies, toxicology checks, and valid mechanisms of action. A staggering 1.2 million data points have gone into constructing the AI engine which can help companies explore product development with confidence; every output from the system being carefully curated by medical affairs experts for superior safety standards.

NutrifyGenie seeks to ensure that each ingredient performs as expected and delivers its health outcome. To achieve this, manufacturers are required to submit their offerings along with a verified lab Certificate of Analysis via the platform’s carefully crafted onboarding programme.

Moreover, contract manufacturers have been rigorously vetted through in-person visits by NutrifyGenie team members who inspect quality standards at the facilities individually. Additionally, regulated safety is always top priority—the regulatory team stays ahead of game through automated mapping technology which allows for up-to-date corrections according local regulatory data points throughout all design work on the site.

The nutrition evangelists behind NutrifyGenie

Amit Srivastava and Anand Swaroop, a duo of well-versed nutrition evangelists with extensive experience in the pharma and nutraceutical industries from around the world, are on a mission to revolutionise how products are created. By founding NutrifyGenie – an innovative engine designed for turning ideas into commercially successful nutraceuticals backed by scientific evidence – they hope to create responsible solutions that prioritise safety, efficacy, traceability, and ethical communication while being cost effective and sustainable at scale.

India is set to become a major player in the global nutraceutical industry, with a projected $100 billion valued market by 2030. NutrifyGenie has arrived at just the right time and offers comprehensive solutions for pharma companies and serious nutraceutical suppliers alike – allowing them easy access to new science-based product development tools as well as preferential route into markets.

What’s more, its ability to launch successful products such as Jubilant Pharma’s Nutrihance portfolio or Nanoveda from US can be seen through their innovative engine that will usher 50+ top notch nutrition ingredients across three major countries: India, Indonesia and America by 2023. The AI engine is accessible to the world at

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