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Novo Nordisk sponsors 10 school students to be part of its Future Scientists Summer Camp

This week-long summer camp will host 100 exceptional students coming together from across the world

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As part of its ongoing 100th anniversary celebrations, Novo Nordisk A/S is sponsoring an Indian delegation of 10 school students- five girls and five boys- to be part of its global Future Scientists Summer Camp to be organised in Copenhagen, Denmark in August 2023. Novo Nordisk A/S is organising the Future Scientists Summer Camp (FSSC) in collaboration with Denmark-based LIFE Foundation to inspire the next generation of scientists in the field of medical science advancements. This initiative is Novo Nordisk’s effort to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education.


This week-long summer camp will host 100 exceptional students coming together from across the world at the Novo Nordisk facilities and LIFE Campus in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Welcoming the Indian student delegation, their faculty and parents at a ceremony in Novo Nordisk India’s headquarters in Bengaluru, Corporate Vice President and Managing Director, Novo Nordisk India, Vikrant Shrotriya, said, “We are excited to host these bright Indian minds who will represent our country at the first-ever Future Scientists Summer Camp in Denmark. As a company born out of scientific excellence, it is our duty to  accelerate learning among the young generation and help them nurture their potential for scientific discovery. This camp will be an unforgettable experience for these students as they will not only represent India on a global platform, but also find the appropriate environment to quench their curiosity and passion for science. I am certain that this effort will make a lasting positive impact on their educational journey. We will continue to lead the way in inspiring the next generation of healthcare innovators and fostering global collaboration towards a brighter future.”


Principal, Sishu Griha School, Bangalore, Sujatha Mohandas addressed the students and Novo Nordisk India at the event and said, “We are grateful to Novo Nordisk for coming up with an innovative summer camp for students that not only promises to be a fun, educational opportunity, but will also prove to be essential in their holistic development. This opportunity will make a great impact in terms of children’s learning beyond academics and classrooms. We expect that these students will make the most of this summer camp by imbibing new cultures, experiencing world-class scientific advancements and processes, as well as participating in various hands-on activities and forming new friends for life.”


This summer camp will be an opportunity for all participants to explore scientific advancements in healthcare, engage in thought-provoking discussions and lectures, learn from the experiences of their peers, expand their knowledge, and share their perspectives on key scientific topics such as health, sustainability, and cutting-edge advancements in a dynamic and inspiring environment.



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