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A nutra success story from India: Shriram Balasubramanian, Zuventus Healthcare

Express Pharma - Nutrify Today Boardroom series

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The first edition of the Express Pharma – Nutrify Today Boardroom series was held on February 17, 2023, at St Regis, Mumbai to offer a platform for meaningful dialogues on the vast ocean of opportunities for the Indian pharma sector to be reaped in nutraceuticals, provided the right course is set for long and sustainable growth.

An eminent panel of experts and leaders from the pharma sector came together to explore approaches to build an ecosystem for developing, scientifically proven, evidence-based nutraceutical products. They also dived deep into the challenges in this field and the measures needed to enhance ethical standards in nutraceutical research, industry practices, and use.

In this video, one of the participants, Shriram Balasubramanian, Director Marketing and Business Development, Zuventus Healthcare talks about his company’s strategy for the nutra sector. One of the key elements of their success story is the groundwork that went into curating the scientific and medical information that goes into formulating their nutraceutical products

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