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Technology has driven success in pharma industry in many perceptible ways

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Gyan Pandey, Global and Group CIO, Aurobindo Pharma, explains that digitalisation is not a one-time process, but an evolving journey. In an exclusive interaction with Sanjiv Das, he also shares more details about his company’s digital journey and its various milestones

How is the pharma industry navigating Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 solutions are helping the industry to reach new avenues in terms of transparency, quality, safety, efficiency, and adherence. In the pharma industry, we have to follow complex processes and meet stringent requirements. Intelligent manufacturing will help organisations in the pharma sector to adapt to the highly dynamic market environment.

The pharma industry has more regulations and compliance laid out as compared to other industries. All these changes in the production, machine, processes have to make sure that the end product is a high-quality and compliant product. Technologies like IoT, AI, blockchain, RFID, etc can help manufacturers and distributors to have end-to-end visibility of the whole process and thus, making sure that the highest quality product reaches the customer at the right price and in the right condition. A few years ago, we decided to embark on our digital transformation journey keeping in mind the constant evolution taking shape in the sec