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Study Of Consumer Preferences: Solid Oral Dosage Forms

Research by CAPSUGEL® for OTC, Dietary Supplement and Pharmaceutical Marketers

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While tablets are still a major solid oral dosage form used by consumers, capsules and liquid-filled gels are now nearly as predominant. Consumer preference for liquid-filled, gelcoats and capsules has significantly exceeded the preference for tablets, a major change from 2002.
Consumers still cite ease of swallowing as the most important attribute with speed of action and gentleness on the stomach increasing in importance.
Attributes closely affiliated with specific dosage forms in the first study, now link to several forms, but no attributes are linked to tablets – they have become more generic. The top attribute “easy to swallow” is still closely linked to capsules.
Consumers are willing to pay more for certain medications if those medications are available in a preferred dosage form. Solid oral dosage form preferences varies by product category.

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