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Strides Arcolab receives US FDA approval for Oxaliplatin injection

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Onco Therapies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Strides Arcolab, has received final ANDA approval for Oxaliplatin injection 50mg/10mL and 100mg/20mL. The company had received tentative approval from US FDA in November 2011 based on a para III filing. This approval was later converted to a Para IV filing based on which USFDA has now granted final approval.

According to IMS data, the US market for generic Oxaliplatin is approximately $ 1.5 billion. Oxaliplatin is part of the oncology portfolio licensed to Pfizer for the US market and the product is available for immediate launch.

Oxaliplatin is a chemotherapy drug used to treat advanced cancer of the colon and rectum. It is used in combination with other medications to slow or stop cancer cell growth.

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