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Session by Arjun Singh Dasoondi, AVP, Amway

FDD Conclave 2021 | Day 2 | 17th December 2021 | 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM IST | Virtual Conference

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In this video:
Session: Arjun Singh Dasoondi, AVP, Amway
Topic: Green formulation development: Strategies and challenges

Key Highlights:
● For Amway, green formulation development is the way of life

● Green formulation opportunity in the consumer penetration market is 50% with 4% expected growth

● Low category penetration, low average product consumption and low compliance are some of the major market challenges

● Availability, logistics, high cost of ingredients and evidence-based therapeutics are some of the major challenges as far as green formulation development is concerned

● At Amway, we focus on human health, ecosystem health, environment system health, while developing a product

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