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Pharma Playbook 2023

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The pharma playbook is evolving rapidly to become more agile and responsive to the new market realities and demands of healthcare across the globe. The sector is increasingly looking at new strategies and approaches to enhance process and product efficiencies, improve the expertise of human resources, leverage technology to optimise both, cost and quality of outcomes, as well as encourage scientific innovation.

So, as we enter a new year, Express Pharma’s January 2023 issue, which is also our Anniversary issue, examines and explores trends which will take centre stage in India Pharma Inc’s advancement. The issue analyses how regulators and industry holders can align with each other to chart an impressive growth trajectory.

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It’s crucial to serialise the smallest usable unit of a pharma product, a distinct identity

Digital age requires new concepts and methods to compete in business and support economy

Post the COVID-19 pandemic, pharma industry has introduced new focus areas

The power of AI is the future of pharma

By 2023, pharma industry is expected to be worth more than $1 trillion

Top trends in pharma marketing in 2022 will continue to dominate the sector in 2023

Boosting stakeholder supply chain visibility and enhancing pharma logistics through internet

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