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Crius Life Sciences unveils oil-infused gummies

This product offers an alternative to traditional softgels and can be an effective format for delivering active nutraceuticals

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Crius Life Sciences, a leading name in the nutraceutical industry, announced the launch of its oil-infused gummies. This product offers an alternative to traditional softgels.

Subbarao Chinni, Founder and Managing Director of Crius Group, said, “We are proud to introduce our advanced oil-infused gummies technology, which integrates up to 500mg of oil into each gummy. This innovation is a unique and highly effective consumer-friendly format for delivering active nutraceuticals.”

The oil-infused gummy matrix potentially allows for better absorption of fat-soluble compounds, and hence its bioavailability can be increased. Oil-infused gummies come with improved stability due to their unique formulation which protects sensitive oil compounds thus ensuring extended shelf-life.Reportedly, Industry analysts forecast a substantial increase in the global nutraceutical gummies market size.


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