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Critical product solution for pharma industry: Upendra Singh Bisht, Manager—Business Development, Ami Polymer

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Upendra Singh Bisht, Manager—Business Development, Ami Polymer, talked about the varities of polymer range, which include silicone, EPDM, FKM, NBR, TPE and plastics. While giving his presentation, he also mentioned about the key products offered by Ami Polymer that include tubings, single use assemblies, tri-clover gasket, sieves/screens, customised goods, inflatable seal and reinforced hoses, while also explaining their functioning that would benefit their customers. Apart from it, he elucidated on the pharma tubings namely Imapure, Imaprene, Imachemton, Imaflow, Imaweld, Imafep, Imapex and Imaliner, that are used for different purposes by pharma manufacturers.

Singh further informed that single-use assemblies by Ami Polymer comes with quick customisation and quick delivery support, and the major components are in-house designed and manufactured. He then talked about inflatable seals, the applications of which include powdered drug processing units, medical sterilisers, smokehouse door inflatable seal and sliding door seal semiconductor wafer processing unit. Regarding sieves/screens, he notified that these are used for particle size distribution of drug products. He also explained about the triclover gasket, extruded profiles as well as customised moulded goods comprising over 5,000 varieties.

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