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Arjun Dasoondi, Associate VP, Innovation & Science, Amway | FDD Conclave 2022

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In this video:
Arjun Dasoondi, Associate VP, Innovation & Science, Amway

Key Highlights:
+ Amway meets customer needs with holistic nutrition health and wellness solutions

+ Emerging accelerator trends post-COVID-19 are clean label, transparency, sugar movement, food label literacy, sustainability, plant-based movement and fortification

+ Clean label tends to be closely associated with nature, simplicity, transparency and processing

+ Concern for sugar has increased in a big way in last many years, intensified in the last one year

+ Natural or plant-based sweeteners are becoming more popular among consumers

+ 51% to 83% concerns related to food labels has seen an incremental surge from 2012 to 2021 across all demographics

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