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Are You Ready for Your Planned Laboratory Instrument Move?

Risk mitigation strategies: The key to a successful move

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Moving an analytical laboratory is always full of challenges. Whether you overcome these hurdles or are negatively impacted by them often depends on the experience of your partner. What’s more, some of the most easily overlooked items can be the most impactful to a successful move.

For instance, consider your lab’s computers: they are all over your lab, critical to the operation of every instrument, but also easily mixed up and often neglected during planning. Consider what an extra day or two would cost you in lost productivity while you wait for your IT team to rectify this oversight. This type of risk mitigation review and proactive engagement is a hallmark of the service you can rely on from the CrossLab Relocation Services team.

We can deliver a complete lab relocation, a single instrument move, or anything in between. We make it easy, with a complete end-to-end process for moving everything in your lab, and our post-move performance guarantee on all assets. Our seamless, scheduled instrument or laboratory relocations are delivered with minimal impact to lab operations and with reduced relocation costs. Our services include a dedicated project manager, contract management, asset services, chemicals and supplies, office space, and post-move inventory integration into your existing inventory systems

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