Building a pharma centre of excellence in Vizag

Vizag Pharma Summit 2022 saw experts and leaders from the pharma industry come together to initiate discussions which will spur India Pharma Inc’s progress

Express Pharma, a leading industry publication from The Indian Express Group, recently organised a conference for the stakeholders of the pharma industry at Hotel Taj Gateway, Vishakhapatnam.

Held on May 27, 2022, the event sought to facilitate this port city’s transformation into a pharma centre of excellence. Experts and veterans of the industry came together to discuss the strengths and advantages that Vizag brings to the table, as India Pharma Inc charts its blueprint for progress. They also addressed vital issues and strategies to deal with opportunities and challenges so that the scales could be tilted in Brand India Pharma’s favour and it re-emerge stronger than ever before, under the theme, ‘Sustaining and spearheading growth: Through pandemic and beyond.’

The speakers shared their views and insights on key imperatives for the pharma industry to sustain its leadership position such as steps to build a culture of quality and compliance across the sector, capability building, leveraging data and tech advancements to foolproof key processes and improve performance, etc. Here is a summation of the sessions shared on this knowledge-sharing platform.


Read Cover Stories:

01 | Special Address: Emerging opportunities and growth drivers for pharma in Vizag

02 | Knowledge management in pharma industry- An overview

03 | Polymer solutions for pharma industry

04 | Balancing profitability with sustainability

05 | Business sustainability through compliance, process excellence and process simplification

06 | Make your labs future ready!

07 | Improving efficiency and sustainability through Industry 4.0 coding and printing technologies

08 | Building secure, resilient, next-gen supply chains

09 | Leaders of tomorrow: Traits and tickets to play

Vizag Pharma Summit 2022
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