Knowledge management in pharma industry- An overview

Narendira Kumar, Associate Director and Site Quality Head, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Vizag, drew from his comprehensive expertise in quality as well as related functions, and extensive understanding of regulatory bodies, to share valuable insights with the esteemed audience at Vizag Pharma Summit. He spoke on the topic, “Knowledge management in pharma industry- An overview.”

He informed that in the pharma industry, consistency of product quality within and between lots is critically important for the patient. And, applying prior knowledge effectively can help in enabling consistent product quality.

However, this requires effective knowledge management and this formed the crux of his presentation. He elaborated on the importance of aknowledgement and how it enables the pharma industry to be updated, efficient, compliant, cost-effec tive and competitive.

Detailing the distinction between data, information, knowledge and insights, he ex
plained the role that each plays in knowledge management. He further explained that articulate, develop, standardise, optimise and innovate are the five important levels of knowledge management.

Kumar also shared insights on how COVID-19 has spurred digitalisation in pharma companies and informed how knowledge management has become more efficient and more vital in this age.

He spoke on ISPE Knowledge Management guidelines as well and clarified their importance. He updated that these guidelines are the first of their kind for the pharma sector and they can be very useful to start a knowledge management strategy within an organisation.

Thus, it was a very informative session which educated the audience about the various interesting aspects and nuances of knowledge management. Knowledge

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