Make your labs future ready!

Vinita Singh, Sr Product Manager – Milli-Q Lab Water Solutions, India & Singapore, Merck, spoke to the industry on a very current and relevant topic, “Make your labs future ready!”

In a very interactive session, she first addressed the need for future-ready or next-gen labs and explained how vital they are for the progress of lifesciences organisations which are largely driven by R&D.

She spoke to the audience about the importance of automation and digitalisation of labs and elaborated on their myriad advantages. She highlighted that improved lab productivity, best-in-class result quality, sustainability and innovation will be the characteristics of next-gen labs powered by technology. She cited several real-life examples to explain how technology has powered
businesses and organisations and urged the lifesciences sector to maximise the potential of tech advancements.

Next, Singh gave an overview of MyMilli-Q, an online solution that helps make water system management more efficient by offering remote monitoring and support, as well as faster access to data that will help lab working at maximum productivity.

She explained that this solution can help gain consolidated contract information, help in rapid and efficient planning, streamline audit preparation and easily traceable service history and reports. Urging the industry to reach out to the team of Merck Milli-Q Lab Water Solutions, she explained how MilliQ Lab Water Solutions is playing a role in building future-ready labs through its new-age solutions and can handhold the pharma sector in its growth.

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