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Venus Remedies gets marketing approvals from Philippines, Saudi Arabia for three drugs

While Saudi Arabia is the largest pharma market in GCC region, Philippines happens to be the second largest market in South East Asia

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Venus Remedies has received marketing authorisation for three key drugs from Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

Venus Remedies has received regulatory approval from Philippines for chemotherapy drug paclitaxel and zoledronic acid, a medication used to treat metabolic bone disorders. The company has also secured marketing authorisation from Saudi Arabia for another oncology drug, bleomycin.

Venus Remedies is supplying paclitaxel to many countries like Colombia, Thailand, Tanzania, Morocco, Myanmar, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kenya, and Botswana. Similarly, the company is selling zoledronic acid to Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Colombia, Jamaica, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Venus Remedies is also exporting bleomycin to several countries, including Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Chile, Costa Rica, Myanmar and Hungary.


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