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Two high-resolution measuring systems for Research and Development and Quality Control

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In his presentation, Uwe Killeman talked about the two high-resolution measuring systems for Research and Development (R&D) and Quality Control (QC) that are being provided by Beckman Coulter to the industry, namely Multisizer 4e and LS 13 320XR. He referred to the several qualities of Multisizer 4e which include its measuring range, and that it has got direct computer control. DPP pulse evaluation, measurement of concentrations, measured number distributions and electrical sensing zone are the other qualities of Multisizer 4e that Killeman mentioned in his address to the audience. He also talked about its functioning and notified that when a cell passes through the measuring port, there is a change in resistance in the solution due to the cell volume. He further said that the change in resistance when the particles pass through the measuring zone is proportional to the particle volume.

He also said that for different applications, the company uses different kinds of beakers ranging from 100 ml to 400 ml, accuvette ranging from 10-20 ml and small volume cups of 3 ml. He mentioned about high-resolution digital pulse analysis and informed that the Digital Pulse Processing (DPP) analysis enables the acquisition, storage and display of each individual pulse, which means that individual areas of the pulse spectrum can be evaluated separately at a later date. DPP allows raw data re-analysis of single sample components, he further informed.

He then talked about injectable fat emulsions, while also giving some examples like nutritional fat emulsions, vitamin E emulsion and purified soyabean oil/olive oil emulsions. Its general use includes as that of a carrier for better and controlled release. These are used as carriers in clinical trials for neuroleptic drugs, dexamethasone, propofol, diazepam, fat dissolvable vitamins, etc. He also said that more drugs are being researched as candidates to be carried by fat emulsion.

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