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Automation and AI for Formulations Development

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Dr Ranjit Barshikar, CEO-QbD International; United Nations Adviser – Geneva, gave an insightful presentation about the role of automation and AI for formulations development at the FDD Conclave 2021 organised by Express Pharma. The sessions focused on how traditional approaches to drug formulation development are giving ways to newer approaches as a result of ground-breaking advances in technology. The session also looked at how artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies have been gaining momentum in pharma processes with their potential to eliminate errors, optimise resources and reduce time in experiments.

Dr Barshikar gave an overview on the three distinct types of AI that are being widely used, i.e. human-created algorithms, machine learning and deep learning. He also explained how and why digitalisation and automation are finding increasing application across sectors, including the life sciences industry with their potential to lower costs, improve revenues, speed-up launches and reduce product recalls. He also explained AI’s role in transforming quality control work in labs and on shop floors by introducing new ways of working with more efficient and automated processes, data-driven decisions and better predictive analytics tools. He asserted that this is crucial to increase R&D success, develop new drugs and fasten speed to market. Thus, Dr Barshikar’s session had some good takeaways on how AI can be used in formulation development and drug delivery, for clinical trial design and monitoring, QA and QC, pharma manufacturing, pharma product management, drug discovery and pharma product development.

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