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Sovereign Pharma releases first batch of remdesivir to Cipla

Cipla is likely to launch Cipremi in two to three days

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Daman-based Sovereign Pharma has released the first batch of remdesivir injections for Cipla.

Rishad Dadachanji, Director, Sovereign Pharma informed, “Sovereign Pharma has a high focus on quality and maintains best practices at all times. This has helped us to get the required regulatory approvals on time, and also helped us get the first batch of Remdesivir ready within the record time.”

He said, “We have managed to deliver the first batch of remdesivir for Cipla on time. However, we also need to understand that the time taken for the entire process from the formulation to the final supply, varies depending on each medication. In case of Remdesivir, once the prepared formulation is filled, it goes through a lyophilization cycle for a couple of days and then it enters into the dispatch zone which takes place after about 15 days based on sterility release. This is a standard industry practice for the medication, which we have followed.”

“Since last month, we have been constantly manufacturing remdesivir injections. We have the capacity to supply 50,000 to 95,000 pieces of the injectable per month. We know how critical the situation is, especially with the pandemic still spreading across the country. Hence, we are in constant touch with all our clients, and ready to cater to any of their requirements with utmost priority,” Dadachanji added.

Cipla will be marketing the Remdesivir drug under the brand of ‘Cipremi’. It is amongst the six Indian generic pharma manufacturers, which have signed non-exclusive voluntary manufacturing and marketing, licensing agreements with Gilead Sciences for its patented drug ‘Veklury’ (Remdesivir). Cipla has signed a contract manufacturing agreement with BDR Pharmaceuticals, who have further transferred the formulation technology for manufacturing and packaging of the generic drug to Sovereign Pharma. It is likely that Cipla will launch the product in the next two-three days.

Reportedly, Hetero Labs’ second batch of Covifor is also likely to be available in the market soon.

Since there have been recent reports about a shortage for the drug in the market, this comes as a relief.

Throwing more light on the situation, JB Mantri, Joint Commissioner, State Controller Maharashtra and State Drug Controlling Authority said, “It is a matter of few days and then the market will witness enough supply of Remdesivir injection. However, one of the possible reasons for the shortage of drug could be its excess use. The DCGI has given the permission for ‘restricted emergency use’, hence the drug needs to be administered only on serious ill or ICU patients. However, we noticed that majority of medical practitioners were prescribing it for treatment of COVID-19. There is a need to understand its usage of and realise that we do have other treatment options for earlier stages of COVID-19. Besides, while prescribing the drug it also needs to be considered that it has a possible side effect of liver damage.”

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