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Plans afoot to develop COVID-19 vaccine at the earliest: Dr Harsh Vardhan

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Serum Institute of India is collaborating  with Oxford University to make the Covid-19 vaccine

Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has informed that the country has plans afoot to develop the vaccine for Covid-19 as early as possible. India’s Serum Institute is collaborating with the researchers at the Oxford University to produce a vaccine for Covid-19 at the earliest, the minister said. The Health Minister also informed that the country’s medical institutions are working under the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) solidarity trials to find the treatment for the virus.

India is partaking in the solidarity trials which are being conducted under the aegis of WHO, Dr Vardhan said. He also added that a section of scientists and health institutions are working on the genetic sequencing of the virus.

The minister said that India is one of the five countries in the world which have been able to isolate the virus and check its widespread transmission among the large population.

Apart from the preparation on the vaccine front, the country is also conducting many studies and research on various combinations of medicines which could treat Covid-19. Dr Vardhan also said that the country has huge scope to contribute to the field of medicine and research.

Source: FE Online

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