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How glass vial makers are girding to boost access to COVID-19 vaccine

Leading glass packaging manufacturers in India disclose their measures to ramp up capacities and support India Pharma Inc as it prepares to aid global inoculation against COVID-19 

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The world awaits a vaccine to vanquish the novel coronavirus. But, finding or developing it is only half the battle. Succeeding in the Herculean task of ensuring access to the vaccine and enabling immunisation at an unprecedented speed and scale will be crucial to winning the war against this pandemic. So, it is important to keep the pharma industry in a prepared mode to achieve this goal.

Readying for the future

This translates into a huge challenge and an opportunity, not only for the vaccine makers but also for their partners. Meeting the massive demand that will arise for glass vials, is a case in point. Therefore, some leading glass packaging partners in India divulge how they are increasing their preparedness to meet the demand. 

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