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Holostik India introduces advanced anti-counterfeiting security products at Labelindiaexpo2022

Counterfeiting or faking is an economic pandemic affecting large number of businesses and brands around the world

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Holostik India recently introduced its latest host of technologies including Optical Variable Devices (OVDs), safety holograms and other track-and-trace devices to address the challenge of fake products in the country at the four-day ‘Labelindiaexpo2022.’

“Holostik India has recently developed and introduced Nano Optical Image OVDs which are secure and technologically advanced OVDs or security holograms. Optashield, based on custom holographic technology, displays two different colours at two different viewing angles. It is among the most secure and convenient authentication device in the anti-counterfeit industry,” said Ankit Gupta, Joint Managing Director, Holostik India.

He further said, “3D labels (printed OVDs) are embedded with aesthetic elements, designs and security features. 3D labels amplify a product’s visibility on the shelf and adds premium appeal to the brand. Another counter faking product Half Scratch QR Code comes with half scratch layer over the QR code, preventing replication and tampering of the QR code. It can be embedded in both OVDs (holograms) and labels. Paper label with holographic strips are secure and visually appealing paper labels with holographic strip transferred over it. The strip embedded with multiple security features offer safety of the product from tampering and counterfeiting.”

“As part of systems that combine authentication with traceability, with track-and-trace systems linking on-pack security devices with database management and field-tracking services. In this way, knowing where a particular consignment has been, where it is now, and where it is heading has become a fundamental part of production and logistic operations. This technology, coupled with single seal holographic labels that prevent duplicity, is playing its part in preventing counterfeiting incidents globally,” he added.

The ability of the hologram to provide effective protection lies in its continuous innovation and integration with other technologies to the point where continuous evolution in techniques has succeeded in creating increasingly complex, multi-layered hologram-based devices that are easily recognised yet almost impossible to replicate accurately by criminals, according to Gupta.

“Holostik will continue to invest a minimum of five per cent of the annual budget as it did before on research and development, new packaging and custom supply chain software. Investments will include new digital print machines and authentication technologies. Packaging division infrastructure will also be enhanced for higher production capabilities. We are determined to secure companies, supply chains and human lives from the ill effects of counterfeiting,” he stated.