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Glenmark creates mass awareness around Hypertension

To mark ‘Hypertension Awareness Month’, Glenmark organises public awareness rallies and screening camps to create awareness around Hypertension

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Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, marked the month of May as the ‘Hypertension Awareness Month’ by reportedly partnering with more than 1000 healthcare professionals (HCPs) from 250+ cities and towns across the country, and organised 400+ public awareness rallies and screening camps to create mass awareness around Hypertension (High Blood Pressure).

The rallies consisted of general informative sessions led by HCPs, who provided detailed insights on the signs, symptoms, and preventive measures related to Hypertension. Subsequently, blood pressure screening camps were set up to offer the general public an opportunity to assess their blood pressure levels. Reportedly, as a result of this initiative, Glenmark successfully reached out to 6 million adults, effectively raising awareness about the disease.

Hypertension, a prevalent cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factor, affects approximately 35.5 per cent of adults in India. Alarmingly, CVD is the leading cause of death in the country, responsible for almost one-fourth of all mortality cases. India has established a goal of achieving a 25 per cent relative reduction in the prevalence of high blood pressure (BP) among individuals aged 18 years and older by 2025, as part of its efforts to tackle this issue effectively. Achieving this goal requires a concerted effort to enhance awareness around hypertension, as it serves as a crucial facilitator for encouraging people to proactively manage this condition. Additionally, greater awareness will emphasise the significance of adopting effective management strategies.


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