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Creating sustainable values for future

Thinking about sustainable options, the role is mainly to strategise for future by taking small steps today

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Medical industry is equipped with better market strategy and sustainable market growth options. For all these years, the industry giants have penetrated in depth to understand the market for its present and futuristic growth. The only time consumption that takes the industry reinventing and redoing the work are the regulatory affairs that keep on changing or adding to the bucket. Pharma is a major player for the growth of economy; thus, its contribution too is huge. Many innovations in the era of Industry 4.0 or 5.0 are surfacing the pharma industries by bringing the best of technologies that help the industry soar high in the market and achieve major growth for a sustainable future. When we think about sustainable options, the role is mainly to strategise for future by taking small steps today. Sustainability is now the need of the hour. So, by taking strong initiatives in bits, we can grow a secure and sustainable future.

To achieve sustainability

Innovation is the first step to achieve sustainability. Machines in production lines have a limited wear and tear with conventional system, which does not allow higher speed because of the design. This is a huge sustainable issue with today’s manufacturers. Thus, one should always be looking at the energy efficiency of the older machines. Because it is not always a sustainable option to overuse this machinery if it’s taking a large amount of power. The key to a sustainable future for pharma industries is ‘preventative maintenance,’ to make sure that regular checkups on machinery are done to make sure it’s always functioning at 100 per cent capacity.

Implementation of innovations

Leaders in medical device assembly are creating solutions with the unprecedented ability to produce multiple product types and enabling small-batch flexibility without compromising productivity. This is a new generation of adaptive machines, uniquely efficient at automating dynamic changes. B&R has been developing innovative hardware and software solutions for more than 40 years.

The technical capabilities, customer experience and culture of innovation make a perfect technology partner for adaptive machinery in the medical and pharma industries. Smaller batches, customised medicines and a never-ending process of optimising TCO and OEE: the need for adaptive solutions in the production of medical devices has always been the necessity. Adaptive manufacturing creates entirely new solutions to challenges that would be difficult, if not impossible, to solve using a conventional approach. In cleanroom installations, this solution can pay for itself in footprint savings alone.

Further, workpiece transport systems based on SuperTrak from B&R are compact, reliable and cleanroom-friendly. On many production lines, they successfully increase output while introducing valuable flexibility to the production processes. This track technology is an innovative process module to assemble medical devices both inside and outside the cleanroom. Today’s plants and machinery take up a lot of space, but only a fraction of their footprint contributes to the production process itself. Far more real estate on the plant floor is dedicated to carrying products from place to place. It’s time to break free from old limitations and set the stage for a new era of productivity.

With the high costs involved, compact machine design is a high priority in cleanroom applications. SuperTrak stands out here, and, thus, integrating multiple processing steps in one station not only reduces the space required, but also makes the system more productive.

The digital transformation is impacting every industry, and pharmaceuticals are no exception; with some of the most stringent quality regulations to follow, the pharma industry faces unique challenges for which smart manufacturing offers promising solutions. When the starting point is a brownfield site with aging infrastructure and digitally isolated legacy systems, implementing the necessary connectivity can be a major hurdle. Industrial-grade, service-friendly SuperTrak is the only long-stator linear motor-based system in the market to feature anti-sloshing technology.

This prevents spills during transport and positioning and allows filling lines to be operated at higher speeds. Independent SuperTrak shuttles allow mass customisation with minimal time lost on stoppages and changeover, maintaining energy efficiency too.

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