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ASPA rolls out five-year strategy to become global industry voice in authentication and traceability solutions

ASPA Strategic Plan 2022-2027 outlines six goals

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The Authentication Solution Providers’ Association (ASPA) has rolled out a five-year strategy from 2022-2027, to become a global industry voice in the authentication and traceability solutions. The strategic plan was launched on 29th July at ASPA Annual General Meeting held in New Delhi, according to a statement from ASPA.

The statement also said that the ASPA Strategic Plan 2022-2027 outlines six goals. These include advancing the research and development, promoting the adoption, increasing the awareness of Authentication and Traceability Solutions (ATS), developing tools to measure the impact of counterfeiting and its scale, encouraging and adopting professional ethics and best practices within the association, and enhance the global reach and footprint of ASPA and its members.

Nakul Pasricha, President, ASPA, said in the statement, “…………As we move forward in the technology-enabled era, it is time that the country also employs intelligent technology to solve the problems of counterfeiting that is damaging the economy from the inside. The circulation of substandard and falsified products attacks us on multiple levels – threatening human and animal well-being, hampering brand profits, obstructing government revenues, robbing consumer faith and damaging brand India in the global market. We have been the country’s leading voice against counterfeiting and illicit trade. As per our plan for the next five years, we aim to become the voice of the global authentication and traceability solutions industry. We have set out on a mission to drive the development, promotion and adoption of authentication and traceability solutions as effective tools to curb counterfeiting and illicit trade.”

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