‘FOPE has been taking care of the interest of pharma manufacturers in North India’

SV Veeramani, President, IDMA in an interview with Sachin Jagdale, elaborates on the 10th Anniversary FOPE conference

What are the major achievements of the collaboration between FOPE & IDMA?

FOPE & IDMA share the same vision of working for the welfare of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. FOPE has been helping IDMA in our representations to government officials and Ministers at Delhi on various issues concerning health, commerce and progress of the pharma industry, especially the SMEs.

FOPE has also been considered as a partner for several seminars and exhibitions. Through FOPE, we are able to reach and serve several pharma  manufacturers in North India.

How do you distribute responsibilities while working with FOPE?

FOPE has been taking care of the interest of pharma manufacturers in North India, more so, in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Further, they are also in regular touch with officials from the Ministries at Delhi. We are able to take the support of FOPE in all these responsibilities.

As tax holiday draws to a close, many pharma units are unsure about their future in Baddi. What is IDMA’s role in this scenario?

We in IDMA feel that as good pharma units and facilities have come up in Baddi, thanks to excise duty exemptions, they should not lose their heart. They have good facilities and have developed manufacturing capabilities, which can be used for exports.

Further, they can pursue their role as contract manufacturers since the number of excise free zones in India are coming down and they will be at par with all other contract manufacturers in India. They can excel in their service in providing good quality products at competitive prices.

What are your expectations from 10th Anniversary FOPE conference and exhibition?

FOPE under the dynamic leadership of people like RC Juneja, BR Sikri and Vinod Kalani have been giving excellent service to pharma manufacturers over the last 10 years. We feel that during the occasion of 10th Anniversary of FOPE Conference and Exhibition at Baddi, pharma manufacturers in Baddi will have an excellent opportunity to showcase their capability and expertise, so as to raise to the next level.

The GMP seminar arranged during the occasion will also help in informing the pharma companies on the current development with respect to GMP.