Chempharm: On a growth track

Chempharm, a clean room equipment and turnkey solution provider, has been consistently growing since its inception three decades ago to become a leading player in its field

Chempharm Industries India is one of the oldest and most experienced clean room equipment and turnkey solution provider in India. The company started its operations in 1985 under the aegis of Anil Sapra and Rajnish Garg, both chemical engineers from Chandigarh. Garg also has a post-graduation degree with specialisation in filtration/ membranes while Anil Sapra is an MBA in Marketing. “Our engineering back ground and Garg’s specialisation in filtration helped us to enter into clean room technology and filteration systems,” informs Anil Sapra, Director, Chempharm Industries India

The growth trajectory

They gained initial experience in filteration systems by developing some filters in-house with the help of media suppliers like H&V Company. Experience in clean room technology was gained by carrying out validations with the help of equipment suppliers of particle counter and aerosol photometers. The  learnings in HEPA filters manufacturing and validations gave them confidence and stood them in good stead in the years to come. The first clean room they implemented was for Ranbaxy API projects in Toansa way back in the 90s with the support of a renowned consultant M/s H&G (now Jacobs). Today, they have enormous experience in all types of clean rooms for critical applications like vaccines, formulations, in FDA approved facilities etc. Till date, they have implemented over 500 clean room projects in India and countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Zambia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Niger. They also boast of a strong manufacturing base and large experienced team. F) Last but not the least consistency in the business from last 30 years


1985 – Started with HEPA manufacturing and testing as per FED 209 Std using DOP and particle counters
1990 – Implemented its first clean room project without HVAC for Ranbaxy Toansa under the guidance of H&G (now Jacobs)
1995 – Implemented its first OT clean room for AIIMS in Delhi
2000 – Implemented a clean room with HVAC for a FDA-approved facility Stericon in Bengaluru for eye drops
2010 – Implemented its first EPC project with civil + modular clean room + HVAC + BSL 3 labs for a vaccine manufacturing unit at VBRI Hyderabad
2010 – Implemented EPC for a bio pharma unit in North India with civil, modular, HVAC, BMS, water treatment plant, fire fighting system and all electricals (symbiotic labs)
2013 – Expanded the manufacturing base to multi-fold with state-of-the-art machines like laser, Tturret, 3D pipe bending, CNC presses, powder coating, paint booth, MIG and TIG etc to become the most advanced manufacturing in India for containments and panel manufacturing
2014 – Expanded their base South and West Africa

Next gen leaders

The company has been growing from strength to strength in the three decades of its existence. Now, the  next generation of leaders, Rohan Garg, (Graduate engineer from the US) and Sahil Sapra (MBA and CFA from Canada) are expected to lead the company to further glory. Currently, both are in the process of gaining invaluable experience in manufacturing, marketing and finance.

Future plans

“Chempharm has always had firm belief in India’s capability and competency in engineering manufacturing. We are entering into more advanced manufacturing by acquiring the know-how from some critical containment equipment manufacturers overseas. All these equipment like isolators, mist   showers etc will be manufactured in India and shall be exported to Europe and other developed countries,” informs Anil Sapra. He further informs that they are in discussion with a European firm to form a JV though he didn’t divulge further details.

Chempharm Industries India