Ceremorphic demonstrates BioCompDiscoverX supercomputing platform for accelerated drug discovery

The BioCompDiscoverX will be available in Q3 2024 and will include technologies incorporated in its proprietary silicon device

Ceremorphic Life Sciences CEO Venkat Mattela delivered the keynote at AI Driven Drug Discovery Summit in Boston MA, where he demonstrated the company’s new BioCompDiscoverX supercomputing platform. Leveraging proprietary analog, quantum and AI technology, this new platform will allow Ceremorphic Life Sciences, a division of Ceremorphic, Inc., to begin developing drugs at a pace unprecedented and will significantly lower development costs, shorten time-to-market and improve efficacy saving the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars.

Dr Mattela, Founder and CEO, Ceremorphic said, “With drug discovery becoming slower and more expensive over time, the BioCompDiscoverX platform will allow us to explore the early stages of drug discovery faster and more accurately in order to develop drugs at a rapid rate. This has not been possible to date – even on the most advanced computers – because they are missing the accurate models that can speed the emulation of cells and tissues; thereby better predicting outcomes early on to increase the R&D efficiency of the whole process. This is the critical capability that Ceremorphic Life Sciences brings to the industry, which has the potential to revolutionise drug design and make personalised medicine finally a reality and affordable.”

Ceremorphic Life Sciences works with its own foundation models generated through its own proprietary relevant data synthesis methods. BioCompDiscoverX incorporates some key silicon technologies such as graph neural processing that can significantly accelerate drug discovery analysis. Some of the key components of the platform include an integrated quantum simulation environment that accelerates molecular dynamic simulations and protein-protein interaction study. The unique feature of the platform for vaccine generation is to study and converge on multiple vectors such as stability and translational efficiency with an unprecedented speed.

The platform includes a hardware model which assists in various phases of the design pipeline to increase the probability of success at later stages in order to reduce development time and provide greater efficiency. Because a critical part of the effective use of AI depends on having the relevant data for the model to get trained, Ceremorphic Life Sciences has developed unique technology to create the relevant data for AI foundation model creation using BioCompDiscoverX. This is key to the platform efficiency.

Dr William Haseltine, former Professor, Harvard Medical School and Founder Chairman and CEO of Human Genome Sciences (HGS) also stated, “Current In Silico methods using the wet labs have limitations on scalability to produce enough data to use AI effectively. Ceremorphic’s hybrid approach utilizing analog circuit technology is unique. This approach not only accelerates computation speed, but also empowers AI to be highly effective throughout the entire development process.”

The BioCompDiscoverX will be available in Q3 2024 and will include technologies incorporated in its proprietary silicon device. Using this platform, Ceremorphic Life Sciences plans to develop pharmaceuticals and oversee the essential clinical trials. Ceremorphic Life Sciences will partner with R&D entities involved in drug discovery to accelerate the drug development process. The company will also collaborate with strategic partners who will be responsible for the manufacturing process of these novel drug offerings.


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