AYUSH Ministry signs MoU with industry bodies to promote cultivation of medicinal plants

The AYUSH Secretary assured that his ministry would provide the necessary support to resolve the issues related to the industry

The National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB), Ministry of AYUSH signed an MoU through virtual meeting with the major AYUSH and herbal industry bodies covering a set of measures to promote medicinal plant cultivation.

The industry bodies which signed the MoU include Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturer’s Association (ADMA), Mumbai; Association for Manufacturers of Ayurvedic Medicines (AMAM), New Delhi; Ayurvedic Medicines Manufacturers Organization of India (AMMOI), Thrissur; Association for Herbal and Nutraceutical Manufacturers of India (AHNMI), Mumbai; Federation of Indian Industries (FICCI), New Delhi and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), New Delhi.

The signing was in the presence of Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary AYUSH who assured that his ministry would provide the necessary support to resolve the issues related to the industry provided they form a combined team and approach with solutions to the respective problems faced by them. He further assured that the present government is committed to the development of AYUSH systems.

The industry assured the NMPB that they will provide the buy-back guarantee to the farmers /gatherers on the NMPB supported medicinal plant cultivation and collection programmes. Dr JLN Sastry, CEO, NMPB signed the MoU on behalf of Ministry of AYUSH while Chandrakant Bhanushali (ADMA), Pradeep Multani (AMAM), Dr Ramanathan (AMMOI), Sanjay Mariwala (AHNMI), Praveen Mittal (FICCI), Rajeev Vasudevan (CII) represented the respective bodies. Industry representatives agreed that this gesture of Ministry of AYUSH would provide the sustainable supply of quality raw material to AYUSH, nutraceutical and herbal industry.

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  • C S Narula

    Excellent and much needed initiative. How do farmers like me that are growing and willing to upscale production, participate in the program? Will the Ministry coordinate? Please issue detailed instructions as to your requirements and expectations and the commitment of the farmers

  • Venugopalan AC

    Will it be available only to Hindi speaking people?