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Zum Heilen announces patent for cardamom-based nutraceutical Recovereez

Launches Recovereez at the World Spice Congress

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The World Spice Congress hosted at Mumbai by the Spices Board of India saw the launch of a cardamom-based nutraceutical called Recovereez. Zum Heilen Diagnostic & Therapeutics, a startup company based in Thrissur in Kerala has developed the product and formulation and has been awarded the Indian patent. The product was launched by Amardeep Singh Bhatia IAS -Chairman Spices Board, D Sathyan, IFS – Secretary Spices Board, and Dr Remahsree, Director, Spices Board.

Reportedly, a comprehensive clinical study conducted by Dr Varkey and his team has revealed that cardamom has profound anti-inflammatory activities, solidifying its potential as a valuable addition in treatment of various conditions ranging from respiratory health to cancer.

The ongoing studies being done by Dr Varkey along with Dr Remashree and her team at the Indian Cardamom Research Institute (ICRI) under the Spices Board of India also substantiated cardamom’s anti-inflammatory properties applicable in the treatment of triple receptor negative breast cancer, a variant of breast cancer that often has poor response to current treatments.

Dr Varkey said,  “Our research sheds light on cardamom’s untapped potential as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and its application across many diseases with a simultaneous monitoring of the inflammatory genes that give confidence to the treating doctors. We have developed novel molecular diagnostic tests done from saliva that measure gene markers that are capable of giving the doctor and the patient information on the response to   the cardamom-based nutraceuticals. The implications for such an integrated approach are unique and immense, offering a promising avenue for both preventive measures and therapeutic interventions.

Indian Cardamom Research Institute is collaborating with Zum Heilen on completion of clinical trials in breast cancer to then offer this product to the global market as an adjunct treatment along with standard care

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