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Your favourite nutraceuticals can be toxic: Discovered by Nutrify Genie

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Nutrify Genie combines information, speed, accuracy, and quality in the design of new products. However, it is crucial to consider potential concentrations of unwanted substances like pesticides and contaminants, including mycotoxins, during the extraction process

The integration of plant-based nutraceuticals into a diverse diet has gained global attention due to their ability to promote health. These naturally occurring compounds offer significant benefits such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and antiproliferative effects. However, they are also susceptible to contamination and the presence of toxic substances due to pollution, pesticide usage, and environmental changes. This creates a strong need to ensure evidence-based safety and efficacy.

To address this need, Nutrify Genie combines information, speed, accuracy, and quality in the design of new products. However, it is crucial to consider potential concentrations of unwanted substances like pesticides and contaminants, including mycotoxins, during the extraction process.

The growing recognition of plant-derived substances’ health-enhancing properties has increased interest in nutraceuticals as an alternative to traditional medicines, supporting holistic well-being and preventive healthcare. Dr Rachana Bhoite, Head of Nutrition Science and Clinical Research for India and Emerging Markets at Dr. Reddy’s Labs, emphasises that nutraceuticals hold the key to filling the missing piece in individual fitness and well-being.

While some nutraceuticals are generally considered safe when consumed, others may carry potential risks associated with toxicity. However, the lack of comprehensive pharmacological and toxicological studies has left many nutraceuticals with insufficient safety data. Compromised safety can arise from contamination with toxic plants, metals, mycotoxins, pesticides, fertilizers, or even drugs of abuse. Understanding the pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics of nutraceuticals is essential, particularly when used in conjunction with therapeutic drugs.

Several studies have reported beneficial or protective effects of compounds such as resveratrol, quercetin, EGCG, and astaxanthin against various diseases. However, clinical data to substantiate these findings and approved health claims in the United States or Europe are lacking. From a toxicological standpoint, the FDA has classified these compounds as generally recognized as safe (GRAS). It’s important to note that reported genotoxic and cytotoxic effects were observed at doses significantly higher than those typically obtained through dietary consumption.

Recognising the significance of ensuring nutraceutical safety, the need for clinical trials to validate potential side effects and toxicity arises. Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) play a role in toxicology-based screening? Vishruth Srivastava, Managing Director of Yodaplus, a leading player in AI technology, asserts that AI can assist in generating label claims with up-to-date perspectives on each compound and making informed decisions regarding the necessity for further clinical trials or general precautions.

Nutrify Today’s pioneering creation, Nutrify Genie, is the world’s first-ever curated AI engine for nutraceuticals. This ground-breaking tool empowers professionals in the medical affairs sector of the nutraceutical industry to screen label claims in real-time, drawing from comprehensive efficacy and toxicological studies worldwide. By leveraging AI technology, Nutrify Genie enables global ethical nutraceutical companies to rationalise label claims and make informed decisions regarding clinical studies, providing a practical approach to selecting compliant label claims.

Dr Ezhil Arasan, Chief Medical Officer of Nutrify Today, emphasises the importance of Nutrify Genie, stating that it streamlines the process of ethical nutraceutical label claim generation by providing on-demand toxicological, intellectual property, and regulatory validation. He adds that separating useful data from voluminous mediocre data is a challenge, and Nutrify Genie is equipped to handle such challenges with great technological tools.

In its beta version launched in 2022, Nutrify Genie successfully commercialised 12 ethical nutraceutical portfolios across various companies. In 2023, the platform aims to expand its offerings by launching 50 new products for pharmaceutical and ethical nutraceutical companies. This development positions Nutrify Genie as an enticing prospect for ingredient companies like Fuji Chemicals, as they strive to promote ethical nutraceuticals and eliminate substandard ingredients from the market, according to Pankaj Negi, President of Fuji Chemicals.

Nutrify Genie emerges as the solution to the demand for ethical nutraceutical label claim generation through real-time toxicological screening, IP validation, and regulatory compliance. With its cutting-edge AI technology, this groundbreaking tool revolutionises the industry, ensuring the safety and efficacy of ethical nutraceuticals.

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