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Vivera Pharmaceuticals receives US patent for Zicoh

Zicoh is a wireless, electronic and dose-controlled medication-delivery device manufactured by Vivera

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Vivera Pharmaceuticals has announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued the US Patent No. 11,083,850 for Zicoh, the company’s wireless, electronic and dose-controlled medication-delivery device, according to a company statement.

The device was designed as part of a closed-loop medication management system backed by software and technology. Patented for multiple applications, it creates a centralised system to more safely manage and monitor prescription drug use, including for the use of medications with a historically low compliance rate or with a higher propensity for abuse. Zicoh’s features like dose-controlled delivery allow only the prescribed dosage type, amount and frequency to be administered according to the healthcare provider’s orders. Additionally, fingerprint authentication ensures that the medication is dispensed to the person to whom it was prescribed, the statement said.

“While Zicoh will be used for a number of indications, my original inspiration for the device was for use as a high-tech device to control addictive prescription medications fueling the opioid crisis,” said Paul Edalat, Chairman and CEO, Vivera.

He added, “We know that the solution to prescription medication addiction is not in lawsuits that only benefit the lawyers and not patients. Suing pharmaceutical companies and putting doctors in jail does not solve the epidemic of overprescription or abuse. Zicoh was created as a comprehensive system where each party involved, from the manufacturer to the patient, is kept honest from the onset. It is designed to deter any potential for abuse.”

The statement further said that Zicoh utilises a specialised software that enables real-time communication between patients, caregivers, physicians, and pharmacists. Each cartridge in the device has a unique and traceable serial number registered to the patient. Together, these features ensure and enhance patient safety and compliance.

“We designed Zicoh as an advanced drug delivery device capable of handling various drug modalities with a unique interplay of hardware, software, security and network control as a fully integrated system,” said Dr Mehdi Hatamian, Chief Scientific Adviser, Vivera.

Not only can prescription misuse cause serious adverse health events, the economic burden of prescription misuse in the United States is estimated at over $78.5 billion a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These costs include those associated with healthcare, lost productivity, criminal justice activities and addiction treatment, notified the statement.

Dr Stephen J McColgan, Chief Medical Officer, Vivera, said, “For years, medical providers have looked for a solution to help manage prescription medications for their patients. Vivera is excited to introduce Zicoh a medical device that will help patients and providers monitor compliance and adherence to life-saving medications while changing the way medications, with a high risk of abuse, diversion and addiction, are prescribed.”

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