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Thank you, for keeping us healthy!

Doctors remain the fundamental pillar in the healthcare transformation in the country, says KG Ananthakrishnan, Director General, Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI)

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In the words of Hippocrates, “The doctor must do everything in his power to save lives, preserve health, or at least alleviate the suffering”.  And true to these words, doctors continue to be the beacon of hope, comfort and reassurance who calm nerves and bring smiles on the faces of their patients, with their knowledge, words and action.  Through their actions, from a simple bedside gesture to a life-saving procedure, doctors make a difference to many lives through their empathy, care and comfort, towards the patients, each and every day.

Let’s say Thank You to our doctors for their selfless service, compassion and dedication towards keeping patients healthy and helping them cope with their healthcare needs.  Now more than ever, the entire country has witnessed the grit and courage of each of the doctors who have led from the front, during this pandemic. Combating the Corona battle along with their patients, doctors have risen to the challenge by going above and beyond the call of duty. A big thank you.

Despite the several challenges faced by them, doctors continue their fight against several diseases and play a pivotal role in treating patients with the new and improved innovations and treatments that medical science has to offer. Keeping patients at the centre and providing the support that is required, doctors are today employing digitally-enabled methods such as telehealth, video consultations, in addition to regular clinic visits.

Let us not forget their contributions towards medical advancements in the country that have led to people leading fuller and more productive lives. Doctors remain the fundamental pillar in the healthcare transformation in the country.

Let us express our gratitude by saying Thank You, for keeping us healthy!

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