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Sustainability in Pharma– Leapfrogging into a Carbon Neutral World

Express Pharma, in association with SAP India, as part of the Life Sciences Industry Knowledge Exchange Forum, recently hosted a virtual event to examine initiatives taken by India Pharma Inc on sustainability so far and discuss its readiness and roadmap to comply with existing and upcoming regulations

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As an important stakeholder of global health security, the pharma sector must embrace sustainability as one of its tenets. Yet, it has faced allegations in the past of not shouldering its responsibility towards the environment. For instance, a report titled, ‘Carbon footprint of the global pharmaceutical industry and relative impact of its major players,’ reveals that the pharma industry is 55 per cent more emission-intensive than the automotive industry.

So, whether it is implementing efficient processes through optimal utilisation of resources, ensuring regulatory compliance, developing tailored programmes to eliminate inefficiencies in their supply chain, better waste disposal systems, implementing measures to conserve energy and water, reducing carbon footprint or constructing greener buildings and facilities, there is a lot of scope for the pharma sector to ramp up its efforts towards being more environment-friendly. And, this calls for a change in vision, strategies, management practice