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Surging demand for cleanroom technology


Ravi Thakur, Director, Pharmintech Turnkey Solutions, elaborates on the immense growth potential for cleanroom technology

20160331ep33The cleanroom technology is witnessing continuous growth across the world.

There are countless factors which are responsible for the growth of pharma products and cleanroom technology such as stricter healthcare regulations, rigid standards, demand for good and quality products, growing frequency and awareness of contagious and infectious diseases, need for medicines and vaccines, growing facilities in the healthcare sector etc.

As per the current statistics and reports, the Asia market is witnessing a positive growth due to an increase in demand for medicines, cleanroom built products, semiconductors and micro biotechnology industry, increasing government initiatives for health, renewed focus on safety and efficiency of products and increase in demand for quality products. A majority of the growth in this region is due to growth and development of the healthcare industry in India.

Nowadays, the Indian cleanroom technology market is highly industrialised but unfortunately uneven and fragmented. New companies are looking forward to invest in cleanroom technology owing to its high demand in the Indian market and the numbers in the times to come will go beyond the predicted figures.<