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Fabtech launches three new products


Fabtech has launched three new products

Dedusting tunnel

20160331ep34Dedusting Tunnel is designed to reduce initial non-viable particles from the raw materials received in drums, cartons, bags etc before they are transferred to ware house or while transferring from warehouse to the workshop, protecting personnel and environment.

Available options

  • Integration with on line weight check
  • Integration with on line sampling and dispensing
  • Adjustable brushing system to maximise removal of non viable particle.
  • Customised design to suit specific requirement like motorised sliding shutter, anti static PVC strips etc.
  • Sequentially controlled PLC operation and process specific instrumentation.
  • Modular reconstruction for retrofitting to other system.


20160331ep35Mist Shower is used to reduce the possible re-suspension of the particulate in the operator breathing zone. Mist booth works by gently wetting the surface of an operators protective gown with a fine water mist, causing the powder to stick to the surface instead of becoming airborne.

Effectiveness of the misting booth at wetting particulate is dependent upon misting cycle duration time, the physical and chemical properties of the particulates , operator technique while misting and one the material and design on the protective garments.
Position of mist shower is generally at exit of potent or highly potent facility between processing and de-gown area.

Available options

  • Dedicated skid mounted water system as per specific requirement like water heating arrangement etc.
  • Combo system (Air shower cum mist shower)
  • Customised arrangement for disposal of PPE.
  • Custom built to suit any layout.
  • Sequentially controlled PLC operation and process specific instrumentation.
  • Modular construction for retrofitting to other system.

Online sampling

20160331ep36Sampling Booth is designed to provide Class 100 working environment rest with built in scavenging system to ensure product operator as well as surrounding environment protection.

Contact Details:
Fabtech Technologies International
615, Janki Centre,
Off Veera Desai Road,
Andheri (W),
Mumbai 400053
Tel: 022  6159 2900
Mob: +91 7718872725

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