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Role of pharmacovigilance in innovating and revolutionising healthcare accessibility in India

Dr Pramod Dhembare, Founder and Managing Partner, Fidelity Health Service, traces the role of pharmacovigilance in public healthcare

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Drug safety has been the new talking point in the global pharmaceutical industry in the last decade. The evaluation of any drug’s benefit-risk balance has been studied extensively by national and international researchers in the pharmaceuticals industry since the 80s and thus, the approval of new medicines and the withdrawal of medicines from the market have been done through a scientific inquiry of safety of drug use.

The usage of any medicine or vaccine or device may come up with a risk. It may be referred to as Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR). For drug safety, ADR must be monitored throughout the life of the drug, from its development, clinical trials and post-approval. Therefore, a new branch in pharmacology that concerns the detection, understanding, assessment and prevention of the ADRs emerged, is known as pharmacovigilance.

Pharmacovigilance in public health

Like every other developing country, India too bears the brunt of the health workforce crisis. Owing to the high doctor-patient ratio, grave issues like inaccessibility to treatment and insufficient treatment spring up, economic factor