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Preparing for an era of innovation

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SM Mudda, MD, Misom Labs gave a Special Address at ADL Conclave 2022 on the theme of the event, “Preparing for an era of innovation”. He drew from his vast experience as a pharmacy professional with over 40 years experience in leading Indian multinational pharma companies present in India, the EU and the US to share a lot of insights which are relvant to the industry’s progress. He underscored the importance of optimising and honing each and every pharma process for continual improvement and enhanced outcomes. He also shared his insights on how India Pharma Inc needs to adapt, innovate and transform to step up and navigate new challenges and opportunities in a rapidly shifting landscape.

He highlighted that the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic has led to several crucial learnings for the pharma industry. He pointed out how the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digitalisation and automation for improved productivity, quality and compliance. Citing an example, he said that one of the emerging tools in these times is predictive quality analytics tool that forecasts the quality of the products.

He also stated that the advent of emerging technologies likes AI and IoT have the potential to transform every aspect of the pharma industry, be it drug discovery and development manufacturing, supply chain or monitoring of ADRs.

He concluded that investment in the right strategies and technologies that foster innovation is vital and makes for a compelling business case since progress and success cannot be achieved with yesterday’s methods. He urged the industry to build new capabilities and embark on a path of innovation.

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