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Pratech Brands set to invest in Inaari to promote women’s health and wellness

Inaari focusses on helping women understand their hormonal cycle, and encourages them to live in alignment with it

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In a first-of-its-kind partnership, digital-first retailer Pratech Brands has invested in ‘Inaari,’ a brand focussed on women’s health, a statement from the company said yesterday.

Inaari focusses on helping women understand their hormonal cycle and encourages them to live in alignment with it. Through ‘Inaari,’ Pratech aims at addressing the issues that are commonly faced by women, but not talked about.

To address this, Inaari launched a unique ‘Cycle Realign Kit’- a supplement that offers women micronutrients targetted to help them improve their menstrual cycle. Containing four formulations, this kit is a convenient solution for menstruating women to prevent hormonal imbalance.

Speaking about the investment, Sachin Parikh, CEO, Pratech Brands, said in the statement, “Women are the key decision makers in terms of healthy practices and lifestyle choices. Innovation and start-up activities in the area of women’s health are increasing at a rapid pace, creating a huge market potential. We choose ‘Inaari’ because we believed in its concept and vision. I think it’s high time we offer solutions customised for women, which empower them to live in harmony with their natural hormonal rhythm.”

Inaari is also launching a range of products for women of all age groups – primarily focussed on solving hormonal issues such as PCOS, menstrual disorders, infertility, endometriosis, etc. The brand is also looking at targetting nascent categories such as menopause and sexual wellness, the statement mentioned.

Speaking about her vision behind Inaari, Rashmi Putcha, the founder of the brand, also said in the statement, “Men and women have different bodies and different hormone cycles. Yet, women continue to eat, sleep and exercise like men. Men have a 24-hour hormone cycle whereas hormonal patterns in women go through an average 28-day cycle. Inaari was founded to help women understand their hormone cycle and get them healthier and happier. ……we can now not only increase our reach, but also launch a series of products that are targeted to solve hormonal disorders.”


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