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One of the game-changers with CPHI is its ability to draw global players into India

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An Express Pharma exclusive with Olga PonomarevaStepnaya, Brand Manager, CPHI India, on trends and challenges in pharma sector, and what to expect at this year’s CPHI India

How would you describe the current pharma scene in India, and what imminent trends do you see coming out of the show floor at CPHI India 2023?

We’re witnessing a fascinating evolution in India’s pharma sector. According to our recent CPHI Annual Report, India is stepping into the spotlight as the go-to destination for contract services, coupled with a surge in the biological production of commercial drugs. With a robust base of drug manufacturers and a growing pool of R&D talent, it’s no surprise that much of the drug development cycle is finding its home here.

Before CPHI India 2023 kicks off, everyone’s feeling the buzz about India’s powerhouse position in the global pharma game. Propelled by favorable tailwinds, analysts anticipate India to outperform most other regions. Moreover, the evolving and expanding supply chains within India are seen as instrumental in supporting the industry’s growth. Against this backdrop, CPHI India is identified as critical to sustaining India’s momentum and influencing the wider region’s trajectory into 2024

Could you identify the key challenges faced by the pharma sector in India?

Like many other countries with a substantial pharma manufacturing base, supply chain security is a pressing concern in India. National efforts are underway to safeguard and locally produce crucial APIs and starting materials. Diversification of partners is a key strategy, something we actively promote at CPHI India through our meeting platforms. Access to a diverse range of partners is crucial for sustained growth, making attendance at our event highly beneficial

How do you feel this year’s event will be helpful to the pharma sector in India?

This year’s CPHI India event comes at a crucial time, aligning with India’s shift towards innovation-focused development. The scale of CPHI is its standout feature, bringing together various supply chain components to stimulate fresh ideas and partnerships. We’re not just talking about your regular networking; we’re talking about connections that could spark innovation at an unprecedented pace.

Can you elaborate on how CPHI India fosters global collaboration and market expansion?

Absolutely! One of the gamechangers with CPHI is its ability to draw global players into India. Partners from Europe, the US, and Asia converge during the event, providing a unique opportunity for attendees to meet and forge alliances in quick succession. This not only opens new opportunities for India but also streamlines the process, avoiding the complexity of extensive research for ideal partners.

As we approach CPHI India 2023, what should attendees be particularly excited about?

Attendees should be thrilled about the platform CPHI India 2023 provides. It’s not just an event; it’s a community builder, a space where you want to be if you’re looking to ride the wave of the pharma industry’s future. The excitement on the show floor is palpable, making CPHI India 2023 a must-attend for those wanting a front-row seat to the pharma industry’s next big moves.



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