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New generation of double-sided rotary presses by Romaco

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The new, ultra-high speed KTP 720X double-sided rotary press from Romaco Kilian will be unveiled at this year’s P-MEC. The engineering specialist will take the opportunity to underline its comprehensive expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing and packing with Kilian, Noack, Macofar and Promatic technologies.

Romaco Kilian double-sided rotary press

Tablettenpresse KTP 720X von Romaco Kilian

One of the main highlights of the Romaco Group exhibit will be the new Romaco Kilian KTP 720X tablet press, which will be unveiled to interested trade visitors at the upcoming show. Representing the new generation of double-sided rotary presses, this machine is designed for manufacturing mono and bi-layer tablets for the pharma industry and impresses with very high availability. It compresses up to 1,020,000 tablets an hour absolutely reliably and is also suitable for processing poorly flowing materials.

The brushless torque motor, extremely durable compression rollers and wear-free lower punch brakes with patented magnets result in very low total cost of ownership (TCO). The likewise patented punch bellows protect the tablets from lubricants. Thanks to the hermetic separation of the compaction area and the machine compartment, the drives are never contaminated with product.

The optimised hygienic design permits quick and easy cleaning. The new, Windows 7 based HMI panel with swipe functionality moreover simplifies operation considerably. As an option, the Romaco Kilian KTP 720X high speed tablet press can be supplied in combination with the new, integrated CWC (Continuous Weight Control) system. During the production process, the patented CWC in-line scale measures the weight of the tablets continuously and adjusts the tablet press according to the weight data. There is no need for manual sampling and samples no longer have to be disposed of by the customer.

Bespoke feeding system from Romaco Noack

The Noack 921 blister packaging machine will likewise be on show at P-MEC equipped with a bespoke feeding system developed on behalf of an Indian manufacturer. Although this rotary sealing machine has a multiple feed system for four different hormone products, the filling section did not have to be extended. This unique selling point is further confirmation of the remarkable flexibility of Romaco Noack blister solutions.

The compact packaging machine, less than four metres long yet equipped with numerous features, delivers an outstanding ratio of productivity to floorspace. It blisters tablets, soft or hard gelatine capsules and caplets in a variety of shapes and sizes very efficiently. The Noack achieves a maximum output of 500 blisters a minute, depending on the specification. Advanced servo technology ensures reproducible processes and speeds up product, packaging and format changes.

The innovative QuickFeed unit with its airglide system means product changes can be completed in a matter of seconds; for the first time, parallel operating steps are now possible instead of sequential. QuickAdjust, the automatic station control system, adjusts the coding, perforation and die-cutting processes. The run-in times after changing the product or packaging are consequently much shorter. The high level of automation of Romaco Noack’s cGMP compliant 921 blister packaging machine is a great advantage for operators.

Sterile pharma powders filled with Romaco Macofar

Aseptische Dosiermaschine Micro 18 2D von Romaco Macofar

The Micro 18 2D continues the Romaco Macofar tradition of aseptic microdosing machines for sterile pharma powders. Two dosing discs allow multiple dosing into the same vial, enabling the costly, time-consuming premixing step to be dispensed with. An extremely powerful weight control system adjusts the dosing port volume automatically, leading to ultra-precise dosage with a maximum error of +/- 2 per cent. The intermittent filling process is based on a vacuum/pressure system. The vials are flushed with nitrogen before, during and after filling, and then sealed with a rubber stopper. All dosing and stoppering groups have an automatic height adjustment feature, so that setting up and operating the machine is now more straightforward.

The Macofar Micro 18 D2 has a maximum output of 18,000 vials an hour, depending on the filling volume. The linear positive transport system guarantees highly reliable processes during vial feeding, dosing, closing and weighing.

Due to the strict separation between ‘white’ and ‘grey’ areas, the aseptic dosing unit is ideal for through-wall installation. The cGMP compliant design of the Romaco Macofar Micro 18 2D satisfies even the most stringent requirements for filling sterile powders.

Secondary packaging by Romaco Promatic

The continuous motion cartoners in the Romaco Promatic PC 4000 series provide maximum flexibility whenever diverse products, leaflets and packaging have to be processed and fed. Robotic solutions, automatic pick and place systems or a direct connection to the primary packaging machines can be realised at any time. Depending on the application, the Romaco Promatic PC 4000 can be switched flexibly between continuous and intermittent and is therefore equally suited for both high-speed operation and medium packaging speeds, for instance when packing high blister stacks. Its maximum output is 420 packs per minute. The positive carton opening system, featuring the servo-controlled carton pick-up to protect the materials, is just one of the technical highlights. The vacuum which is necessary to open the cartons and fold the leaflets is produced by low-noise Venturi nozzles. The ergonomic design and balcony structure of this continuous motion cartoner are in conformity with the high cGMP standards of the pharma industry.

The Romaco technologies will be on show at P-MEC, at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre in Mumbai (India), at the booth of Income Marketing, Romaco’s Indian agent (Stand D32).

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