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Gandhi Automations is one of the most sought after manufacturers of clean room high speed doors for the pharma industry. Samir Gandhi, Director, Gandhi Automations, reveals different aspects of their products in discussion with Sachin Jagdale

What are the different types of products you manufacture?

Samir Gandhi

We design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain highly sophisticated industrial and commercial doors and loading bay equipment. The doors meet various objectives like temperature control, dust ingress, noise control, maintain hygienic conditions etc. At the same time it allows seamless traffic of forklifts, pallet trucks etc. All our products are manufactured by European and American technology that conform to very high standards of safety. Our dock levelers also adhere to the most advanced concept. The pre-fabricated solutions for quick construction of loading bays allows a cut by 60 per cent of the construction time of pits and dramatically reduces the need of man labour.

Our product range includes high speed industrial doors, high speed clean room doors, sectional overhead doors, dock leveler, dock shelters, rolling shutters, fire rated rolling shutters, fire sliding doors, swing doors, aircraft hangar doors and shipyard doors, swing gates, sliding gates, retractable gates and boom barriers.

Which are your pharma specific products? Besides pharma, which other industries do you cater to?

We manufacture clean room high speed doors especially for the pharma industry. In this industry, clean room doors play a crucial role in the manufacturing of pharma products which require the environment to be free from microbial and particulate contamination and protected from moisture– controlled environment. These industries make high demands with respect to hygiene, sealing, operating reliability, fitting and a trouble free after-sales service. Our clean room high speed doors satisfy all these requirements and work in strictly regulated operating conditions.

Apart from pharma, we cater to logistics, warehousing, cold chain, food, safety, commercial, residential, etc. Basically our products are high in demand in industries which require safety and quick open and close applications at the entry and exit points where controlled environment needs to be maintained. This helps in not only maintaining the hygiene but also the temperature within the area and lower energy consumption thus reducing the costs substantially.

Apart from doors, we also manufacture loading bay equipment for efficiently loading and unloading of goods and maintain quality of the goods during loading till they reach to the consumers. We also manufacture aircraft hangar doors for aviation industry, shipyard doors for ports, gates and boom barriers for residential and commercial establishments.

Briefly describe these products.

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