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New generation moisture barrier coatings

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Suresh Pareek, MD, Ideal Cures, introduced the audience to INSTANUTE Moisture Barrier-II, a ready-to-use, high solids moisture barrier film coating system. Developed for a customer’s specific requirement for a coating formulation which is free of talc, TiO2, synthetic colours, carmines, preservatives, the product has successfully established nine months of stability, revealed Pareek. Talking further about INSTANUTE MB-II, Sanjay Negi, GM, Tech Services, Ideal Cures, stated that one of the key features of the formulation is that it has global acceptability- it can be used for a wide, ‘global’ range of nutraceutical and pharma products. The total weight gain of the tablet was found to be roughly 4.5 per cent, well under the maximum weight gain limit set by the customer. Adhering to the manufacturing desires expressed by the customer, INSTANUTE MB-II was found to be suitable for all kinds of coating technologies (including single step coatings), helped maintain the solid levels in the overall formulation to be over 18 per cent and reduced the coating process time. The natural colours used in the coating were also compatible with the tablet formulation, boosting its overall stability.

INSTANUTE MB-II comes with an optional TiO2 free formulation. It is PVA based, provides a clean label, and can have a high solids coating system which can go up to 22 per cent. Its product bed temperature is 42oC.Negi noted that INSTANUTE MB-II can also contain flavours, cooling boosters and has superior adhesion properties (2368gf average adhesion). Another benefit is that it provides easy scale-up and can be easily transferred to different equipment types or manufacturing sites. Also, it has a very low MVTR value of 6 g/m2/day. Negi ended his presentation by assuring the audience that INSTANUTE MB-II has received positive test results so far and it can be customised to their specific coating requirements.

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