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Nestlé Health Science launches ‘ThickenUp Clear’ for individuals with Dysphagia

"ThickenUp Clear" is clinically proven to improve swallowing safety and efficacy

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Nestlé India has launched “ThickenUp Clear,” a food and beverage thickener that can be used to help patients with swallowing difficulties, especially in oropharyngeal dysphagia. It can be administered to those experiencing challenges in swallowing, clinically known as dysphagia due to conditions such as head and neck cancer, stroke and parkinson’s disease, among others, a statement from the company notified.

It said that “ThickenUp Clear” is clinically proven to improve swallowing safety and efficacy. The product is scientifically designed, and is manufactured by a unique technology at Osthofen, Germany, exclusively for Nestlé Health Science. It is xanthan gum-based, and is tasteless, colourless, odourless and amylase-resistant. The product can be added to varied liquids to enhance swallowing safety and efficacy.


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