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MP Small Scale Drug Manufacturers Association proposes pharma cluster on Indore Ujjain road

It has also requested building common facility centres at Sanwer road Industrial area

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The Madhya Pradesh Small Scale Drug Manufacturer Association has suggested setting up a pharma cluster in MP between Indore-Ujjain road.

In a recently held meeting with Om Prakash Saklecha, MSME Minister and Shankar Lalwani, Lok Sabha MP from Indore, the association also requested them to allow allied industries to be part of the upcoming pharma cluster in the state.

Amit Chawla, Secretary, MP Small Scale Drug Manufacturers Association said, “We have requested the MSME Minister and Lok Sabha MP from Indore to establish a new pharma cluster on Indore Ujjain road. The key objective behind proposing this location is that most of the MSME pharma units in this region are situated on the same belt and for expansion, they need additional land. If the proposed pharma cluster is set up in the suggested area then it will benefit the industry. Besides, there are many pharmacy colleges located in this region and it will provide the required technical manpower for the industry and create employment opportunities.”

In its presentation to the ministers, Himanshu Shah, President and Amit Chawla, Secretary, Madhya Pradesh Small Scale Drug Manufacturer Association highlighted how to increase competitiveness, easy access to standard testing facilities and create more value in the domestic pharma industry, especially to SMEs through the creation of common world-class facilities.

The association feels that the proposed pharma cluster can reduce the cost of production by 20 per cent, leading to better availability and affordability of medicines in the domestic market.

Within the proposed pharma cluster, the association is also looking to strengthen the existing infrastructure facilities to make the Indian pharma industry a global leader in pharma exports.  It also aims to create a system to help the industry to meet environmental requirements at a reduced cost through innovative methods of common waste management system.

Chawla informed, “Considering the cost aspects and benefits of common facility centres in the pharma sector, we have also requested the creation of a common facility centre (CFC) at Sanwer road industrial area, where the land allocation work is already in process. In the upcoming CFC, we have suggested creating a common testing facility, training centre, formulation & development centre, common logistics centre etc. Considering the fact that Indore is a hub of MSME pharma, if we want them to remain relevant to pharma business, CFC will be helpful and benefit the sector.” He informed that both the ministers showed responded positively to the suggestions.

The association has estimated that the land requirement for this project will be approximately 80 to 90 acres, with the capacity to create nearly 40-50 pharma formulations units with an approximate investment of Rs 215 crores. Additional 10-15 acres of land will be required to create common ETP plant, water tank, power grid, etc.

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