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Mack Universal: Reliable and trusted name in the pharma industry

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300 series washer

Mack Universal is a sister concern of Mack Pharmatech Pvt Ltd (MPPL). MPPL is a market leader, reliable and trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry. Mack Universal was established in the year 2012.

Mack Universal is one of the multifaceted business conglomerates in India and is engaged in supplying a wide range of equipment required in the most basic but very important steps in testing and or manufacturing in pharma, food, chemical and cosmetic industries.

Mack Universal is the exclusive dealer of IWT-Italy, Tetra-Turkey, Dynamica-Australia, Froilabo- France.


It is world renowned for its world class range of washing technologies and solutions.

Their offerings include:

Low pressure pharma grade washer: W 300

The W300 Series pharma grade washers have been designed to meet the most stringent customer requirements and to comply with international standards with a view to providing high-level performance together with ease of access to components, all within a minimal footprint.

High pressure pharma washers

These class of equipment include three offerings to suits different needs(COP/CIP) of the industry.

  • M Line high pressure mobile washer
  1. The M-Line provides high-performance cleaning solutions thanks to the extraordinary mechanical action of the water supplied by a pump capable of generating up to 80 bar (1,200 PSI) pressure at nozzle level combined with a water flow rate as low as 40 l/min (9 gal/min) for a reduced water consumption, mounted on wheels High efficiency, cost effective validatable cleaning solutions.
  2. Ideal for bins, tanks and CIP of a wide variety of processing equipment
  3. Combines high pressure and low flow rate to minimise media consumption
  4. Advanced technology, innovative ‘light and ergonomic’ design to improve mobility
  5. Add-on drying and water tank modules
  • C Line high pressure cabin washer
  1. Washing pressure range from 20 up to 80 bar.
  2. Telescopic orbital nozzles
  3. No water re circulation and self cleaning function
  4. No water re circulation meaning no cross contamination.
  5. High pressure washing system for low water consumption.
  6. Dosing system for in-line detergent injection.
  7. Telescopic orbital nozzles for perfect coverage of the load.
  8. Self cleaning function to prevent any residues at the end of the process.
  9. High efficiency air handling system with HEPA filter for effective drying of the load.
  10. Air cooling system for fast and safe unload.
  11. Critical process parameters constantly monitored.
  • S Line high pressure washing station
  1. Washing pressure range up to 70 bar
  2. Suitable to manage multiple hydro-kinetic water guns
  3. Fast coupling/ sanitary flanges connections
  4. Multiple hydro-kinetic jet guns with orbital nozzles to suit your specific needs.
  5. High pressure water pump for outstanding cleaning performances.
  6. Compressed air blow system to purge the piping to prevent cross contamination.
  7. Ideal for the cleaning of fixed (multiple) tanks of different sizes.

Decon lock / Decontamination lock

Along with washing and cleaning solutions at IWT with its spirit of innovation and our commitment to the pharma industry, IWT have engineered and developed a product designed to address specific needs in the field of decontamination: the decontamination lock.

Full decontamination cycle, with six log reduction, in just one hour. The decontamination chamber is designed according to GMP guidelines for highly effective decontamination cycles with vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide, either modular, integrated or external mobile generators from different vendors. This means that when you do not require dedicated generator the user is free to choose the most appropriate practice for their particular needs.

B) Tetra Magmatherm Muffle Furnaces by Tetra-Turkey

  • Unique mechanical design provides long life and unique PID Control Unit provides reliability and ergonomics. Accuracy:±2°C in temperature measurement and temperature control
  • Chamber walls made up of insulating fire bricks against mechanical abrasion and thermal aging and deformation.
  • Half buried heaters at two sides and top in quartz tubes. Resistance’s placed in quartz tubes which rise to longer life of resistance against corrosive gases and protected against short circuit.
  • Tight door insulating thanks to spring mechanism.
  • Modular inner body; replacement and fully renewing the furnace.
  • Maximised the optimum insulation (112 mm) thickness to reduce the temperature of the outer surface (outer surface is not very hot, possible to touch).
  • Contact less outer shell for low surface temperature.
  • Ergonomical PID control unit placement. Operating without leaning.
  • Standard chimney with fan. Extraction of oxidising gases which occur during the burning process and homogenous heating.
  • Adjustable foot screw.

C) Dynamica refrigerated centrifuge: Australia

  • Quick set and forget rotor system
  • Auto rotor recognition
  • Fast acceleration and deceleration
  • High imbalance tolerances
  • Powerful refrigeration
  • Actual sample (rotor) temperature
  • Measurement and display
  • Safety is paramount
  • User friendly operation and information rich display
  • Quiet operation
  • Liquid seeping prevention

D) Ultralow temperature deep freezer, Froilabo, France

  • Vacuum insulation panel
  • Reliable temperature sensor for accurate temperature monitoring
  • No door jamming — hot gas bypass tube is installed to minimize frost on the triple silicone door lip and the equipped decompression valve balance the lower air pressure built inside the freezer for an effortless door opening
  • One handed door open — the progressive locking lever to facilitate one handed and easy door opening and closing
  • Good temperature stability (±1°C)
  • ±3°C uniformity inside the whole cabinet to ensue samples were stored inside a guaranteed temperature range
  • Able to use in an ambient temperature up to 35°C

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